Arabic arrow crossword

New and first in the Arabic world: Arrow crossword with pictures. Fun for all ages, 9 to 99.

Arrow-crossword is a crossword that the words definitions or picture are inside of squares. An arrow is pointing from the definition square to the solution area, so the reader should follow the arrow and fill the solution. The picture is giving hint or clue of the missing word.

This kind of crossword is good for any age and for those who want to learn arabic. A solver can increase his vocabulary, and learn how to spell the words. This is easy way to learn and have fun.

A printed issue is now available for sale ! It contains 32 pages, and chromo cover. 16 pages are picture crosswords and the reset are general knowledge articles and quiz, all in arabic.

Example page from this magazine is attach to this page.

Distributers wanted world wide!!!

This issue can be sold in arabic countrys and arabic communities and can be supplied in any quantity (from one to thousands).

For more information please send mail to:

so far visited ther site people.

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